Smell nice Ma la Xiang Guo + Grilled Fish @ Xiang Guo Ju

Today sibei long day. Need meet supplier for boss and send goods to customers at geylang. Walao, times sure is bad man. Last time chicken open in the afternoon, nowadays hor 11am jiu open liao. Walao no wonder 7 early 8 early my ah gong nt home la. See so many chicken standing around suddenly remind me of my ex china gf. She is damn good cook and also in front cushion very big. If car accident, i tell u no need airbag la. Had a craving for china food so drive down to chinatown lor.

Heard now chinatown dominated by china people le. Nabei is true lor. Everywhere i go, left right centre back, all ah tiong. Wapiang, i feel like in china leh. But ok la come here makan nia, not make friend with them ma. Look see look see saw this stall machiam beh pai. Haha the lady boss beh pai. Though abit mature, but is a milf leh. The one thing is china lady they sure know how to wear and make up sexy, even though they auntie. Ask her wat is special? She look at me shocked. Walao, special recommendation food la. Why lady always think i so hamsup meh. She say their chongqing bbq fish and the mala hotpot nice. Ok lor listen to her.

The grouper fish is $18. Mala hot pot is $5. Nabei la. I ownself how to finish?! In the end ask her tabao half fish so i eat half there. Got to tell u man, the fish is the killer. The meat is soft, the skin is crispy, the mala zap is hot. They even went to make sure the fish is still pipping hot when u eat for at least 30mins because got burner below. Eat liao steam sia. Can u imagine the crispy texture of the fish skin on first bite, then follow by the soft and sweet meat then slowly the mala sensative comes in and the spiciness dancing on your tongue, and ending with the everlasting spice fragrance in your mouth. Its machiam like a lady look hard on outside, soft in inside, and sexy spicy when u had her.

The mala hot pot also beh pai. Is like a tone down version of the fish, but also have its own unique flavour. The flavour is more of garlicky. Machiam like the more innocent little sister of the sexy elder sister. To have 2 sisters together on the same table is a dream come true.

Will definitely come again. Got hot lady boss. Hot food. Shiok!



Xiang Guo Ju

Chinatown Complex Food Centre Blk 335