Wok Hei Chao Da @ No 18 Zion Road Fried Kway Teow

Today go great world city run some errands for my lao bu. Have to buy one whole list of xmas present for her overseas ah neh friends. Walao, ah neh gt celebrate xmas one meh? I tot deepavali already busy enough liao. Wa piang nowadays ah neh also atas.

Stuff at great world machiam premium, all so damn ex. But good thing got alot ang mo chick to see la. But like the premium restaurant here, see nia la no privilage to touch. After shopping pak tor yao, ask the security guard where got non-premium peasant food, he say the hawker across the road lor.

Walk walk the hawker machiam like 8 stalls nia. Then see this stall sell char kway teow like not bad. Walao the owner got invited to fried kway teow for the president ah neh nathan somemore. Beh pai siah! Another thing i notice is the stall got Jesus cross, then opposite got Buddha. Wa! Can put both together one meh? Double blessing ah?

The char kway teow ok la, $4. But i got to tell u this is one of the best, no wonder president also like. The kway teow and mee individual got fried before, so got the wok hei chao ta taste and fragrance. U know la outside stall lazy one didnt fried the kway teow till got wok hei, just stir stir masak masak nia with black sauce like those special service massage girl piano massage. This stall really fried the kway teow till got the char ta brown. The black sauce also fried till eat inside the mee n kway teow. So each mouth is wok hei + sweet black sauce = orgasm.

The ingrediant also generous. Got 12 hums. 7 piece of fishcake. 8 piece of chinese sausage. So if u go and they less even one piece, go flip the table.

Definitely will come la, great food. Cook from the heart. Eat liao also blessed by Buddha and Jesus.

No 18 Zion Road Fried Kway Teow

Zion Riverside Food Centre