Where else to find such Affordable Italian Cuisine?

Last night a bro here reco me some nice and pocket friendly italian food. Wa piang! Normally italian food u know la is those sibei expensive one. For people like me to eat must sell one kidney cause 1 meal easily cost $200 plus. But the bro reassure me nt to worry about the cost.

Turn out this stall is just a stone throw away from the mookata at golden mile. Go there sibei crowded, so make sure to make booking if not u sit on floor and eat. Ordered their special menu of the day which is the Squid Ink Rivioli stuffed with flower crab in pink sauce, mentako pizza and garlic lemon sauteed prawn.

The Squid Ink Rivioli sibei bagus. I tell u the pink sauce is machiam tomato carbonara sauce. So thick and creamy and yolky. The egg taste sibei gao gao machiam like 1 carton of eggs go into the sauce. The pamasan cheese also contribute to the overall creaminess and richness of the zap and added alittle saltiness to taste amid the prominent tomato paste sweetness and sourness. Its machiam like eating kosong yogurt but a less sour one. The crab also sibei fresh and the moment u bite into the rivioli, the freshness and sweetness of the meat just slap u left and right on the face. Close your eyes and u will be surfing in the Maldives.


prawn appt

The garlic sauteed prawn also the star. This is the first time i eat something and can taste 2 distinctive taste. First the sour taste from the lemon juice will hit your taste buds immediately, then at the same time the bitterness from the white wine came in too. Its machiam i have 2 tongue and taste 2 difference flavour at same time. No to mention the fragrance of the garlic just further elevate the richness and natural sweetness of the prawn. Its a very stimulating course for your taste buds. You will salivate uncontrollably. This is a very up appetitser u will want to start ur meal with.



Finally, the mentako pizza. This stall serves one of the freshiest and best pizza cause everything is made from scratch in the kitchen and fresh out of the pan. The dough is pong pong. But the crust is crispy. So its like the crust of domino thin crust pizza but the middle is soft and pong like dukes bakery bread. There is alot of air spaces in between the dough so its damn soft and comfortable to bite. If shipwreck can use the dough to breathe. The cheese and mentako works well too. Very stringy cheese which leaves a thread when u pull it but at the same time thick to chew and flavour gao gao. This is really better than pizza hurt and dominos. The mentako also add to a 口感 that makes the dish both appetising and interesting to eat.

Will definitely patronise this stall again. Cheap good and quality italian food. Cant really find anywhere else.





Address: 6001 Beach Rd B1-65/66 S199589
Operating hrs: 12pm to 3pm and 6pm to 10pm


Menu & Price

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