Warm Warm on a Rainy Day @ Ah Seah Teochew Porridge

If you want to have something warm and sticky inside you during rainy days, then come to this place for some decent porridge.

Its brand is well-known among old timers machiam Justin Bever is well-known among youngsters. The taste is old school and follows traditional teochew cooking style. Best of all, price is reasonable too.

Ordered some of their dishes like sambal bringay, black bean bak chor, braised duck. 1 rice and 1 rice zap for $6.10 nia. Duno the 10 cent is for wat, maybe can use their toilet one time.

The sambal bringal is normal nia. But good that is soft. So bo geh ah pek can eat. The hae bee fragrance also not enuff. So abit bland la. If you like bland then this is for you.

Black bean bak chor is the beast. Slight salty with the fermented black bean fragrance together with the chewy, tender and slight fat bak chor makes it a must have dish to go with plain rice or porridge. The bak chor also like a melt in your mouth. Eating this the feeling is like eating a saltier version of foie gras

Lastly the duck really what the duck. The lor zap is very fragrant with the mild 5 spice, orange peel smell. It is also slight sweet and moderatly salty. Zap is a 10/10 but too bad the meat abit tough leh. If u take drumstick, then i tink will be much better.

Overall i give the experience 7/10. If raining then increase to 8/10. If sunny then 6/10. If sunny with cloud is 6.5/10.



Ah Seah Teochew Porridge 亚城潮州粥

Address: 31 Teck Chye Terrace S545731
Operating hr: 11am to 12am