Waffle Baby @ Baby Moo Creamery

If you crave for Waffles and Ice-cream, or you kana friend-zoned, I reco this cafe to you. The design and layout gives a therapic effect machiam walk into church. Walk one step in, i forget about my bad results. Another step, i forget about my gf problem. Third step, i forget who my naggy laobu is.

They have wide range of flavours for their ice-cream and be prepared to be spoilt for choice. I will highly reco their Mao Shan Wang and Double Chocolate. For waffles, they have normal or red velvet.

Their waffle is high level stuff. The moment i cut, I thought is CNY. Cause is so crispy that the whole cafe echo “karat karat karat” like lighting fireworks. Kiap with the ice-cream, pop into my mouth and prepare to experience the most intense mouth-gasm. Waffle is crispy on outside and soft, moist and warm on inside. The bread fragrance is also released the moment i bite into the waffle machiam the smell you smell when walk past breadtalk. Coupled with the cold ice-cream, its like 冰火 service.

Normal and red velvat actually nt much difference for the waffle. Its just red velvat abit sweeter. The Mao Shan Wan ice-cream is made from real authentic durain and not artificial flavouring like potong. When u eat the ice-cream, close your eyes. And u will really believe u eating the mao shan wang at Geylang Lor 13 but a cold version. No diff at all! This is no Chris Angel trick.

The Double chocolate also gao gao machiam they blend 1 carton of Godiva dark chocolate. Dark, rich and yummy like Sharul khan. This is sure to burst alot of taste buds out there.




Address: 47 Lor 6 Toa Payoh 310047
Operating hrs: 1pm to 10pm (close on Tuesday)


*AGI Singapore is offering extra 5% discount on top of their current 30% off only for Ah Beng Foodie Followers*