Very Singapore Nasi Lemak @ Amoy Li Xing

Today a bro here reco me one legendary nasi lemak at amoy food centre. He say this taste better than punggol nasi lemak. Jun bo? I tink even my ah ma can beat punggol nasi lemak cause is super noob n overpriced. Half-believe-half-suspect go down try lor.

Wah go there lunch time the queue sibei long like machiam buy toto. But quite fast la cause uncle quick hand quick leg. Ordered the standard $3 one. Comes in fish cake, one chicken wing, one otah, one luncheon meat. Walao just base on value for money already pawn punggol nasi gao gao.

First look rice looks normal. But the moment i put in mouth, my whole world spin around 360 degrees and i feel so light that i can fly. The coconut aroma and flavour is super gao till machiam u drinking pure coconut milk. They shld be using the natural grated coconut to cook their rice as this the only way to attain this God level of fragrance. Just eat the rice alone enough liao and cant stop eating as if heroin addiction. The more u eat the more u steam.

I almost finish the whole plate of rice until i remember still got other ingredients. The fish cake, otah and luncheon is normal-get-outside-kind. But the prawn paste chicken wing is another highlight. It is slight crispy on the outside and super juicy in the inside. Meat is tender and every bite release the prawn paste aroma trapped within the meat. Its like the chicken wing bath together with prawn for hours.

Sambal is nicely done too and goes well with the rice. But actually hor eat the rice enough liao. Cause sompah its really damn good till i dun wan eat other rice anymore.


Li Xing Nasi Lemark

Address: 7 Maxwell Rd #02-81 Amoy Food Centre S069111
Operating hrs: Mon to Fri 9am till 1pm (unconfirmed)