Try some Neighborhood Briyani @ Hougang 681

Today end work early take train home. Car servicing leh bo bian. Walao tot early go off train empty, nabei still sibei crowded at 530pm. Pass by little india, one whole village of ah neh rush in. Walao. Immediately teleport to india. And duno which kuku ah neh tabao bryani, smell liao make me so sibei hungry.

Suddenly remember this ah neh stall near the wanton mee below my house their bryani damn nice also. Reached hougang mrt jik tao take cab chiong there. Cause if diner time the mutton finish liao. Heng ar! Reached in time. Shake head tell the ah neh wan bryani deh. Ah neh also shake head say ok deh. I tell u, their bryani is one of the best. Second to the serangoon one.

The rice is one piece one piece. Not like some over cooked till nua. And the fragrant though nt as fragrant machiam chicken rice like the serangoon one, but this got that authentic ah neh spice smell. Smell abit like jasmine flower. Give u tat home cooked indian food feeling. Remember that smell when ur indian neighbour cook bryani? Tats the smell. The mutton also sibei generous, one huge portion whole. I hate those bryani they give mutton bits and pieces. This give one whole chunk! And best is they give the tendon part. Meat is soft and blend into the tendon, machiam eating beef brisket gu lan. Mutton also no smell and curry is smooth. If u dun like those curry too hard flavour and inside got alot of leaves or spice or spider, then take this. Very clear curry base with mild saltiness and spice fragrance.

Overall though nt as power as the serangoon one, but eat liao u feel warm at heart. Machiam ur indian neighbour come and sayang u when u feeling down.


Hougang 681 Indian Muslim Food

Blk 681 Hougang Ave 4 Coffeeshop