Too Hot? Try the Specialty Bingsu @ Oriental

This afternoon one sis here reco me a stylo milo bingshu bar in Rangoon rd. Walao little india area tot is only prata nia. But didnt know got this hidden gem.

The store really got that chillax bar feel. Make u feel like relac one corner. Lucky i come when they just open so no crowd yet. According to her, if come late need sit on floor liao. Ordered their 2 signature bingshus which comes in Oreo and Mixed Berry flavour. The Orea bingshu comes in generous amount of crushed oreos sprinkled on top. Machiam like use 1 whole box of oreo till u no see white. It also have huge chunks of oreo cheese cake which is really up there de. The good thing is the bingshu milk flavour is not too strong that overwhelms the orea taste. It really feels like u twist, lick, dunk oreo in milk. Except this got bonus leng leng gai feel.

The Mixed Berry flavour will tickle ur tongue with its sweet and sour taste. It got the lao lao mixed berries yoghurt feel. Best is eat this after a meal to open ur stomach and dun make u feel so jer lak. Juicy berries and every bite is a mini bomb explode in your mouth. Especially the jelly ball packed with the berries zap machiam water bomb. Tag team with the strawberry cheescake chunk is a winning combo.


Next up is the curry chicken toast. Style is like shibuya toast but is curry kueh. Got the golden pillow feel also. Except that the curry is more gao and the potato already fused with the curry. Every mouth is full of the masala and curry leaves fragrance. If got rice lagi best but dip in bread also beh pai. Even now tinking also lao nuah.


If u like some fingering snack can order their golden nugget with 5 diff dipping sauce. The best is the honey mustard. You will really be vastard if dun try the mustard. No worries that the mustard taste so strong till ur nose waterfall like eating wasabi. The taste is just nice as it balanced out by the honey. Sweet and a mild harsh hot sparkle on ur tongue makes the taste more sexy. And the nugget comes pipping hot. What is more shiok than hot nuggests tio bo.


Overall is a good try. Good food, good ambience, no gst and very nice presentation. Stomach happy, eyes happy, wallet happy.

Ps. Have to try their peppermint cucumber drink. It is one of the most refreshing drink i drank. Even i not thirsty, it also give me the satisfaction like i just come out from desert 1 week no drink water and first time drink a cold cock.



Address: 89 Rangoon Rd #01-02 S218375

Operating hrs: mon to sun 130pm to 1030pm