Tok Gong Lor Mee @ Fu Chun

Today intro you lor mee at eunos sibei power one. Normally outside lor mee taste quite standard and same same one. Machiam u cannot tell Raju from Baju. But this stall, u can easily tell the difference in taste from the usual lor mee.

3 things that will make this ur must try. 1st is their ingredient very the generous. Its like the one cooking is Mother Theresa. The fried frish like occupy 2/4, ngoh hiong 2/4 and lor bak 2/4. Total 6/4, even ur maths teacher also confuse. 2nd is their ingredient very fresh. Fish just caught this morning at the river behind. Pork just got from 二师兄 directly. And their ngoh hiong is 8:2 meat to flour ratio. U know la outside those zek ark is eat flour only.
The lor bak is also really lor one. Not just masak masak coat in black sauce. Bite got chewy texture like pig head meat but juicy like pork belly and fragrance with 5 spice. The highlight is the fish. Marinated with ginger powder add an element of refreshing taste to it. The prawn fritter is also deep fried swee swee till looks like fish trapped in fritter bubble waiting for u to burst it. No oil smell and very krispy.

3rd is the lor zap. This lor zap retains traditional taste, but at the same time not old- ginger boring like ur office Susan. It has the old time 5 spice taste but not too much of it to make it like ah gong. It has a hint of prawn sweetness to it. Suspect got add prawn stock ar. No wonder the more u drink, the more u steam. Best is combo with the fried fish. Let the zap eat into the fritter and turn it semi soft. Nt necessary must make it hard to enjoy, soft also can. If u know wat i mean.


Fu Chun Laksa Lor Mee

Address: 4A Eunos Crescent #01-25 S402004
Operating hrs: 9am to 3pm. Mon n Tues close.