The three little pigs

Long long time ago ar, there is a lao ti bu who had 3 little pigs. U noe la, ti give birth maciam hamster and she had no enough food for them. Went MP for help but beh sai cause she still workin part time in a farm. So bo bian, send her kids out to the wild to live by themselves.

The youngest pig subei lamnua, dun work dun study, always la kopi shake leg in kopitiam criticise garment. And build his house out of straw. The second pig slightly better nia, but too bad is daft and build house out of sticks. 3rd pig smartest, work many jobs to earn decent income, down payment and buy a 2 room hdb.

One day, got one wolf pass by. Bak tor sibei yao, somemore smell the house inside got bak ku teh n mei zheng xiang, lagi lao nua. Knock the 1st house and say, ” little pig, little pig, I am not selling anything, just a short survey. Can i do a financial survey?” But the pig saw the wolf big paws through the key hole, and said, “no, no, i got own agent liao.” The wolf hear liao, show his teeth and said, “then i will huff and puff and blow ur house down.” And u tink he really huff and puff? Mai siao la, u blow one whole house of straw down let lim pei see la. The wolf just pour thinner and set the house on fire. Lucky, law says all building must have fireman escape so the pig use the exit and zao far far to the second pig house.

The wolf took a bus and alight 2 stops later at the second pig house along yio chu kang rd. He knock the door and said,” little pig, little pig. Do u want to sell ur house? I got client looking for unit in ur area. I can do a refinance for ur mortage loan also.” But the pigs saw the wolf hairy chest and said,” no, no, property price low now. And i got sign exclusive agent already.” The wolf hear liao, show his teeth and said, ” then i will huff and puff and blow ur house down.” Nabei thinner use finish, so go to nearby mini mart buy. By the time back, the pigs escaped liao.

The wolf sibei beh lun liao. But tinking the 2 pigs escape to the 3rd pig house will have threesome meal for him, he suddenly sibei positive and motivation. But 3rd pig live damn far like bukit batok. Want to take mrt but then always break down, so take uber better.

Reached the 3rd pig house. And the wolf says, “karung guni, poh chua gu sa kor pai leh lio dian so ki.” But the pig saw the wolf sharp teeth and said, “no, no, bo dian si qi”. So the wolf says, ” i will huff and puff and blow your house down.” Then he pour the thinner but saw the cctv at the corridor. He stopped and think to himself, “nabei, if kana caught arson need rotan one leh.” So he try to climb into the house through the chimney. But then HDB where got chimney? So in the end lan lan go kopitiam below eat $2 chap chye bin, 1 egg 1 vege.