Teleport to Penang for Orh Luak

They say penang is food paradise. Sibei true leh. Of you ever go penang jalan jalan, must come here eat their fried oyster. I confirm u eat liao wont want to eat the orh luak in Singapore liao.

It is located in a mini night market. Unless u do research like lim pei, or else u 10 yrs also cant find. There is alot of other local delights like char kway teow, nasi padang, lor bak etc. But the best is this liao. This is the street king.

You see the way the uncle toss the batter and fried the egg, you will believe that the spirit of the dragon resides in him. With such skillfull hand work, the egg is just slightly charred and crispy on outside but the batter within remains soft, chewy and moist. Its machiam you deep-fry a mashmellow, the difficulty is almost impossible. Coupled with the hae-bee-strong smell sambal and salty fragrant fish sauce, heaven has descended upon earth.

The oysters are big and fresh too. Bite onto one to bring u a step closer to finding the lost city of atlantis. It is so sweet and juicy that the juice seeps through the tiny opening of my mouth and drenched my top.

Good food huge portion at super affordable RM10. Where to find sia. This is the hidden gem. So brave food explorers, go find the one piece.

Address: 10J, Mk. 16, Jalan Air Itam, Taman Ria, 11500 Ayer Itam, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Operating hrs: 2pm to 9pm

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