Tasty Prata and Briyani with Macho Man @ Chindamani

Today 7 early 8 early kumar jio me for bfast. Say his house nearby got one bagus indian muslim food that sell the best prata and bryani.

I was like really or nt? That time reco me jalan kayu prata kana chop carrot and food sucks. Nvm la give him one more chance.

The store decorated machiam like christmas tree better than orchard rd. So early already one long queue. No chio bu to see so ask kumar to order. Even though queue long but damn fast. Within 5 min 26 sec already done.


He order 1 egg 1 kosong and 1 chicken bryani. Abit disappointed cause is curry chicken and not fried one. Damage $7.50. Wa piang! Damn cheap leh. Outside like this $10 plus liao. The prata is very bagus indeed. Crispy at outside. Soft and pipping hot inside. You know la outside those prata. Outside soft soft and inside cold cold. Lim pei see liao also cannot stand. This prata the skin crispy machiam cny keropok. Inside warm and soft. Eat liao feel like got mood go dance below coconut tree. The prata also got that bread roast fragrant. Machiam like pastry. Best prata i eaten. Sompah. If not i tock.


The curry chicken also very well done. Juicy chicken. Soft and can cut using fork only. The chicken zap flow into the curry already. So the curry got the sweet chicken taste. Machiam abit like those chicken soup stock, but is curry. Even though not fried but is also ok for me cause its good. I drink the whole plate of chicken curry like drinking chicken soup.
The bryani also one of the best i eaten. Very fragrant. And the owner say he put the chicken bone inside the rice and cook together. Thats why got the chicken zap essence taste. Walao this ah neh can open chicken rice stall liao la. Chicken soup curry and chicken rice bryani. Best. Eating the rice alone enough liao. Cause its that fragrant and that good.

Will come again la. Next time take pic with the ah neh. He very machio n friendly.



Chindamani Food Stall

Address: 151A serangoon north ave 2 S551151

Operating hrs: mon to sun 6am to 10pm




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