Swim & Dine @ Citrus Bistro Sengkang Swimming Complex

citrus bistro - burger

If you think Sengkang no nice Halal Bistro, then you wrong. There is one super hidden one within Sengkang Swimming Complex. So hidden that it does not appear on Google map. To get in, you need to call the Citrus Bistro and report the secret codename ,”AhBengRocks”. Then they will get a Chio Bu Associate to escort you pass the biometric security scan so you will skip the security pat down and retina scan. Remember, do not make eye contact with the security as u walked past.

Once in, you will be greeted by laughters of children and sounds of water splashing. Yes, the Citrus Bistro is just facing the Water Playground directly. So if got kids, can let your kids play in pool within sight. No kids, can look at Chio MILFs.

Ordered their specialties : Da Burger Bomb, Tom Yum Seafood Pasta, Curry Chicken w Rice/ Bread, BIG Boss Burger.

citrus bistro - burger
Da Burger Bomb (Teriyaki Chicken Burger) 

Do not hold on hand and bite! Cause if u did, then be prepared to be drenched in the zap that shoots and flows out fast and furious in all directions. So juicy that u touch the burger 1x, the zap flow out 1x. Even look at it 1x, zap also flow out 1x. The patty is so tender and juicy machiam chicken just finish pilate. Drenched in Teriyaki Sauce, it packs a punch also. Best is inside got Lava Egg. When you cut the egg, the yolk flows onto the patty. Further tenderising it and adding a smooth yolky texture. The yolk also got absorbed into the meat to give it an eggy flavour.

citrus bistro - tomyum pasta
Tom Yum Seafood Pasta

This is their signature. So die die must order. The moment it came, I tot I in Bangkok sia. Cause the scent of Lemon Grass is just so heavenly strong. Not that Golden Mile smelly kind but those light and fragrant type. They also sprinkle some Viet Corriander (Laksa Leaf) to add in a spicy flavour with a bit of lemon zing taste. Assam paste is sour but not too overpowering that you cannot taste the other flavours but just enough to enhance the sweet taste of the fresh seafood and to boost appetite. Linguine also QQ and the tom yum zap is also infused with the umami sweetness of the prawn, sotongs, mussels as they jacuzzi inside.

citrus bistro - curry chicken
Curry Chicken w Rice/ Bread

This is the best Curry Chicken I have eaten. Sompa plus chop. The zap is damn thick machiam rendang that it is semi liquid. Taste is very similar to rendang but without the coconut element. It is also sweeter as you can taste bits of the grinded onions and also has a stronger masala flavour. And not to worry the chicken in this rendang-inspired curry is not fried like some Bodoh Peh Kambing Robert claimed it should be. The meat is so juicy and soft that it falls apart from the slight kiap of the chopsticks. Dip the french loft in the curry zap and you will experience wats it’s like to be touched by an angel. You can have rice also.

citrus bistro - big boss burger
BIG Boss Burger

This really is the Big Boss of all burgers. The patty is made from a mix of Beef and Mutton. Mutton for the bolder taste, chewier consistency and fatty flavour. And beef to cancel off the gamey taste of the mutton and add in a little more moisture to the patty as the fat layers in the beef melted over the heat to form a layer of lubricant that coats over the meat fibers, keeping them moist and juicy. The patty is also drenched with satay sauce. Making it taste machiam Ramly Burger had an offspring with Fat Boy Satay. This is the burger which unites The Cow and The Kambing like no other.

If you jer lak of food, can take their milkshake also. Sibei alot color, pattern and variety machiam Power Ranger.

citrus bistro - milkshake

In one life, have to really come visit at least once here. Got swimming pool, good food, chio bu server, bikini babes to see. Where to find? Also go in the gate no need pay $$ one, just call them and say codename and they bring you in like smuggling small wife.

Let you all know a secret, the Citrus Bistro has a sister outlet – Citrus By The Pool at Woodlands. I heard the menu there is bigger and even more power. Real or not? Ah Beng needs to try and let you know next time.


Citrus Bistro
Address: 57 Anchorvale Rd, Sengkang Swimming Complex, S544964
Tel: 6904 4850
Operating hrs: 9am to 9pm daily (Closed on Mondays except PH)
Website: www.citrusbythepool.com

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