Sweet and Refreshing Lor Mee?? @ Xin Mei Xiang

Today is a cooling day. And cooling day means must eat something warm warm. Just nice a bro here reco this stall he dubbed as “the champion of lor mee”. As u know la, nice lor mee in Sg can count with fingers only. So heard this is champion and plus rainy weather so mai tu liao. Chiong down.

Lucky i beat the lunch crowd cause bro say normally the queue is like buy toto sibei long n need wait 1hr plus. Ordered the $4 bowl with pure fish (as reco by bro, he say the fish is to die for). First mouth, sweet. Weird leh, lor mee sweet one i first time eat before. Then slowly the garlic flavour, the chili spiciness and the 5 spice fragrance of the lor zap hit me in the face like titanic hit iceberg. Machiam like the sweetness is the foreplay before the main climax arrive. But weirdly, the sweetness really compliment with the overall flavour. It gives a surprising refreshing taste sensation by opening up all ur taste buds for what is coming next.


Coupled with the minced fried fish, which some have fused into the lor zap, its like drinking sharks fin. Dun u dare waste a drop of the lor zap as every drop is an essence. The noodle is also cooked perfectly and goes quite smoothly together with the lor zap.

Superb bowl of lor mee. I finish and lick the bowl clean till dun need to wash. For the optimum taste, add lots of chili. Really have to give in as the champion.


Xin Mei Xiang Zheng Zong Lor Mee

Address: 51 Old Airport Rd S390051 #01-116

Operating hrs: 6am to 145pm / close Tuesday