SUPER Yummy & Huge Portion @ Ji Ji Wanton Noodle

Ji Ji Noodle - Chicken Cutlet Noodles

This chicken chop noodle stall sure lose money every mnth like HDB. Why leh? Cause the chicken chop portion is even bigger than Hao Da Big Chicken Chop. And the price somemore very affordable at $4.50 only.

The chicken chop is the star of this stall and everyday they sell hundreds pieces of it until scientists predict that chicken will go extinct by 2025.

What makes the chicken chop so nice leh? Firstly it is super crispy but not oily. Bite it, the skin will crackle like roasted pork and you wont taste any smelly oil smell. Secondly is super juicy and deeply marinated. As your teeth sink into the meat, better ask the person in front to siam cause the zap will shoot out like Merlion. They marinate the chicken in honey and chinese 5 spice powder. So got the sweet caramel taste with fragrance of spice. Thirdly is because portion damn huge till can share 2 pax.

Noodles also beh pai. Cause own made and QQ till can use as skipping rope.

So if you work in CBD area can drop by here for some delicious and cheap chick chop noodles.

基记面家 Ji Ji Wanton Noodle Specialist – Since 1965

Address: 531A Hong Lim Food Complex #02-49

Operating hrs: 630am to 830pm (sun close at 630pm)