Super JB Style Zichar and Curry Fish Head @ B Billion

Good news for punggol/sengkang-dwellers. Today we are about to change the mindset that this area is only home for pontianaks and cows. Many mountain turtle unaware that punggol is home to many bagus seafood zi char restaurant. And today, my intro is a hidden gem. So hidden that you dun even know is a gem.

If you like JB style zi char, save ur money for custom fare and having to Jam like mrt breakdown. Come here I tell you. This stall specialised in JB canto style zi char. The head chef also from JB la. Quality is good, taste is oh my god and price is reasonable.

Ordered their house specialties. Bean Curd with Dried Radish ($10), Curry Fish Head ($24), Salted Egg Squid ($12), Kam Hiong Crab (season price)

Bean Curd with Dried Radish – You may wonder is it spelling error or owner damn guai lan. Fried toufu just say fried toufu la, simi Bean Curd. Those English powderful one will not understand. But when you eat, then you will understand why. This is literally fried Lao Ban Tau Hwa with Dried Radish. The texture is so sily smooth that calling it a toufu is an insult to the dish. Not only the texture is first class, but the taste also. Every bite its like you are chomping on a mouthful of soy beans. Like Yoda says, the force of the bean is strong in this one. The radish is also crispy and not too salty, so dun worry about appear in NKF show. Outside golden crispy skin enveloping silky lao ban tau hua, where to find.

Curry Fish Head – One word, THICK. Not your usual Ocean-overrated-watery-kind. The consistency of the zap, THICK. Creamy to taste with strong masala foundation and slight hint of grounded lemongrass to to back it up. So every mouthful is a step closer to Eden with no jerlaky feeling. The FISHHEAD is also big and FRESH. THICK, BIG & FRESH just like how you daddy loves it baby. Really have abit of withdrawal symptom now. Earlier when I eat this, I cant stop drink the curry zap. Lucky my 2 friends hold me back.

Salted Egg Squid – Till now I still wonder. How come after 1hr, the squid still crispy. This dish is an art akin to Mona Lisa Smile. So full of mystery. Many will wonder how come Mona Lisa smile so sadly and how come sotong is so crispy after 1hr. To be I dun really care, jhst enjoy la. The sotong crispy but inside juicy. I reassure you. Not like some other stalls that promise juicy grapes but turn out is ah ma raisins. Somehow, its fried in a way that they is air trapped between the crispy batter and sotong. And that pocket of air is filled with salted egg. Eat this, I am sure you wont recognise the other sotongs anymore.

Kam Hiong Crab – I bet you never eat this before. This is one of its kind in Singapore. The curry leaves, chili powder, onions make this taste machiam like those black drumstick kecep in Nasi Padang stall. But less sweet and definitely more spicy. This is an adult version of the usual not-spicy chili crab you have. So spicy risk takers can rejoice. Crab is meaty and fresh too. Can taste the sweet zap like 18 yo dancing queen.

This place has good ambience, forest to look at, good food at good price. So those sick of jumbo mambo can come here to experience a different feel.

Ps* Food serve can take abit more time when peak period. But hey good food wait abit ok la. People can gong gong queue a few hrs for that stupid artificial Gong Cha already leh


B Billion Zichar

Address: 473 Fernvale St S792472
Operating hrs: 1230pm to 11pm