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The Workbench Bistro - Egg Lava Burger

Today a friend reco me a heartland bistro called The Workbench Bistro that he say is the pioneer for Egg Lava Beef Burger. Walao hear liao immediately steam. This place located about 3 bus stops away from AMK mrt. And got one big carpark in front also. So dont give excuse say nt accessible la hor.

Ordered their signature Mac n Cheese, Egg Lava Beef Burger, Cheesy Waffles and Taro Waffles.

Mac n Cheese

This is the mother of all comfort food. Has the ability to heal broken heart and instantly connect us with our childhood. The Mac n Cheese here is one of the best. Firstly the Mac doesnt stick together. Each piece by piece, moist, warm and soft. The cheese is thick, creamy and stringy at same time. When I scoop the Mac, it got stringed like pearls on a Lee Hwa necklace. Cheese also light and not jerlak till you eat 2 mouth wont eat kind. Best is there is liao inside. Not like outside stall plain one. You can find bacon and mushroom inside also. This adds to a slight sweet and salty flavour.


Egg Lava Beef Burger

This is the Ang Pai here. You come here, you no eat this, Benny Lava is going to come after you. Beef patty is made from scratch. It is juicy, tender, moist and so soft that I can throw the knife away and cut with my fork. Every mouthful has the meat squirting with juice inside my mouth. The patty is also packed with so much flavour that send my taste buds to “overload mode”. You can taste the thyme, rosemary, Worcestershire sauce flavour distinctively. Topped with a char-grilled smoky flavour, this can be toplist of your last meal when you smuggle chewing gum. The runny egg is situated 20 degrees to the middle of the beef patty. And when you bite or cut the burger through its middle-section, be prepared to have eye-gasm as the runny yolk erupts and flows out like the majestic eruption of Mt Vesuvius. It further adds an eggy flvour to the otherwise power-flavoured patty.


Cheesy Waffles

This is like the threesome love child of pizza, rosti and pancake. Exterior is golden-brown, crusty and crispy. When you cut it, it will gives off a crackling sound with steam letting out. You can also see the cheese strings connecting the cut which you made. There is also generous fillings inside like ham and chunky potatos. Tasted like a flufflier and moister version of rosti. CNY they got red version one sure you eat till everyday win 4D till hand tremble huat.


Purple Sweet Potato waffles + Coffee & Taro Ice Cream

The purple sweet potato waffles really got sweet potato inside! Its machiam like mashed purple sweet potato, kiap with crispy biscuit. Thats what you will feel. Not overly sweet and artificial as ingredients used are all natural. Thus the slightly sweeter icecream will compliment the overall taste. When you try their food, you will realised its very natural-tasting and non-artificial. Same can be said for the coffee and taro icecream. For the coffee icecream, the flavour of the coffee beans you can taste distinctively. Its like they brew the cup of fresh coffee, freeze it immediately to make into icecream. Taro icecream also machiam like they freeze the Orni.

If you like good food, good burger, good waffles, friendly staff, cute staff, macho boss, good ambience, wallet not pain, can come here to the workbench bistro.

The Workbench Bistro
Address: 332 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 #01-1881 S560332

Operating hrs: 
Mon to Thur 12pm to 10pm
Fri 12pm to 11pm
Sat 10am to 11pm
Sun 10am to 10pm.