Some say Carrot Cake Some say Cai Tau Kueh @ Blk 263 Serangoon Central

Today reco you sibei solid carrot cake. For those who like chilli gao gao you must come here. The chili really sibei solid and spicy till you fart fire.

This stall had been around for ard 10 yrs liao and many old-timer who stay here would have eaten at least once. They are very generous with eggs like foc one and the exterior got the charred wok hei fragrance like fu rong egg. Cai poh also not ngiao like outside. They really put alot till every mouthful also sure got cai poh one like you throw one stone sure hit a ah tiong on the street.

The kueh also very soft and its like the waygu version of kueh. Because it just disintegrate in your mouth. There is also bit strips of carrot that makes it sweet to taste as well. Finally, its the chilli. Though they add the chili in when they fry, the trick is to ask for additional topping of chilli. Spread it over your cai tao kueh like foie gras over toast and I am sure you will not fancy the other cai tao kueh outside. The chili is just so fragrant with hae bee, onion and buakalak which induces a spicy stinging after-taste sensation on your tongue. The experience is even more high then your weed smoking session.

Overall a satisfying meal at a decent price of $2.80.


Address: Blk 263 Serangoon Central S550263
Operating hr: 8am to 930pm