Some Hawker Old Story Breakfast Beehoon @ Holland V. Fried Beehoon

Shiok today on leave so go holland v see condo. See see nia la, tink got money buy meh? See liao got motivation to work hard ma. Now only can afford the toilet, work harder to afford whole unit lor.

Beh pai the location, alot cafe, along ang mo chio bu. Walk walk bak tor yao see this hawker centre machiam beh pai. Such atas place got hawker center very good liao. Saw this fried bee hoon long queue. So monkey see monkey do lor.

Ordered the bee hoon with bitter gourd and chicken wing. The bee hoon is nicely fried. Not too dry not too soggy, just nice. And they fried with the chinese 5 spice. So got the spice fragrant. Machiam like the ngor hiong smell. Bee hoon also springly and not lump together. Their fried bitter gourd egg also best. Cooked till soft soft like potato. Slight bitter with the dried prawns salty taste. For those who like bitter gourd, this is bitter enough to satisfy u.

The star, is the fried chicken wing. I tell u, normally bee hoon chicken wing is just marinate in soya sauce and fried. But this is marinated with prawn paste and fried. Taste even better than the zi char. When u first bite, the zap immediately burst out, and then the taste of the prawn paste chiong in like tsunami. Very juicy and tender meat.

The best is all these only $2.80 nia. Walao where to find?


Holland V. Fried Beehoon

Holland Village Hawker Center