Some Authentic Cow Stuff @ Zheng Yo Hainanese Beef Noodles

Today intro one of the best beef noodles in Singapore. Though is best, but abit unethical. Why? Cause I suspect they put heroin inside. Already 3 hrs have passed, my mind still thinking about the broth and my pak tor sibei yao. Chiu starts to jun now. Must eat soon..

You see the stall, even haven eat, you will know is sibei tokong. Open kitchen layout, cook in front of you. Can see how the uncle blench the noodle and chok the beef slices and cut the tendons. All live show machiam MasterChef. Also very transparent so we know he no hanky panky add special sauce inside or giam on the meat give lesser. If CPF got half their transparency, my ah gong also happy.

Their broth consist of beef marrow bone and herbs boiled for hours with red dates. So expect a rich and sweet taste. Really can taste the sweetness of the dates and it goes well with the beef taste. Outside you drink liao jer lak but this wont. Really addicted as I ask for 3 top up to the soup. The lor zap is a thicker version of the soup and the chu mee fen is silky smooth. Not too hard nor soft and just nice with 20% resistence. The ingredient also very generous. So generous that after finish noodles, still alot of meat, stripe and tendons left. I ordered the big portion ($10) can share by 2 pax. The chili is also bagus, those garlicky, vinegar sour, red chili blended kind. Dip meat in it for a kick.


Definitely one of the best. Especially the broth. Makes you forget all your worries. World will revolve around the broth. Broth is life.

Zheng Yo Hainanese Beef Noodles

Address: 47 Tai Thong Crescent S347867
Operating hrs: 1130am to 630pm. Sunday close

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