Solid Zichar and Fish Steamboat @ Soon Seng Seafood

Soon Seng - Charcoal Fish Steamboat

Today intro you one 道地, authentic and lost-in-legend Zi Char stall located in a sibei ulu malu place. Confucius once said, “To find good food, must first climb mountain and jungle.” Its not hard to find as it is the only canteen there.

Ordered their signature dishes: Cai Poh Beancurd, Black Pepper Pork Knuckles, Assam Fish Head, Charcoal Pomfret Steamboat, Ngioh Hiong

Cai Poh Beancurd 

The beancurd is homemade. So use pure 100% real ingredient, no preservatives, no makeup. Very silky texture with mild soy bean and egg yolk fragrance. Not oily and just slightly crispy for the texture. The power thing is the spicy bak chor and cai poh added on top. Spicy bak chor is machiam those bean-paste spicy kind which you eat in teochew porridge stall but less salty. Also kinda like those volcano ramen topping at ajisen but meat quality much better, tenderer and not so salty. The cai poh add a some crunchiness to this dish with a slight sweet taste. And also the sauce is machiam those abalone sauce at Thai Village. It is also so soft and smooth to the point that u kiap the beancurd, it will slide out of its outer skin.

Black Pepper Lor Zap Pork Knuckles

This is one mass pot of collegan. Ladies, ladyboys who wan swee makmak skin must order this. The pork knuckle is meng for hours till the fats and meat get married and become together. And the result, a layer of collagen is formed just beneath the skin, seperating the meat away. Which is why, when u kiap, the meat falls off. The meat is so soft that it crumbles into pieces under the slightest pressure applied. The skin and collagen is also very delicate to the extent that when I bring it near my mouth to eat it, just by the heat from my mouth, it starts to melt. The black pepper lor zap is actually quite mild, so the peppery taste wont overwhelm.

Assam Fishhead

I tink they need change name to Fishhead Assam instead. Because you will realise that the fishhead exist because of the assam and the assam is the lead here. This is the only stall where you can really taste how assam taste like and the individual ingredients in the assam paste. The assam zap is really thick. Its like when you drink soup, then as you drink deeper, the soup get thicker and got those sediments below. This entire assam zap is precisely at that level of 90% ingredient, 10% water. Can taste the sediments of lemongrass, ginger and assam paste gao gao.

Charcoal Fishhead Steamboat

Every molecule of the soup is infused with the fragrance of charcoal. It is hard to find this kind of traditional taste in today’s culinary world. They also add in alot of dried flat fish and some plums. So there is this umami cum refreshing taste to it. If you want the kind of taste your ancestors used to get, have to order this.

Ngioh Hiong

This is ngioh hiong for real man. Big, thick, chuncky pieces of meat, prawn and water chestnut as filling. Not like those outside gu niang kind, filling beat and pcc so many times till gooey paste which taste more like flour. Meat is fragrant, juicy and tender with hua diao wine and 5 spice marinated. Prawn is fresh and water chestnut is sweet n crunchy. No need dip any sauce at all already bagus bong pee pee.


Will surely cum here again and again and walk till the mountain become flat and jungle botak.
Super worth the walking and effort as is really a hidden gem. If you dun wan to know how regret feels like, then come here.



Soon Seng Seafood

Address: 9007 Tampines St 93 S528841
Operating hrs: 11am to 2pm and 430pm to 1030pm