Soi47 – They say its good, We say its a GEM in Toa Payoh

Today a bro reco me a cheap and good thai food in a heartland area. Located deep within an old HDB estate, this is machiam finding treasure in ur ah gong’s junk.

Shop has a relac-one-corner feel and gives a very welcoming vibe to patrons. Ordered some of the specialties:


Claypot prawn vermicelli

Prawns are entangled in a lovely embrace with the vermicelli and subjected to fires of passion in a small enclosed space. Fueled with doses of chinese rice wine, this dish will make¬†Sun Ho’s “China Wine” sounds like a sesame street nursey rhyme. The springy and moist vermicelli absorbs the full flavour of the prawn and the wine further alleviate the taste to an OP level of umaminess.



Fried chicken with maple syrup

Chicken skin is crispy and meat is warm and moist. The breaded skin got abit of waffle taste and feeling. Plus the maple syrup, lagi like waffle. But is a good twist to the normal lemon chicken sauce. The maple syrup also gives off a faint maple fragrance. Eat liao wont jerlat.



Stuffed chicken wings

the meat stuffed is juicy and tender. So juicy that when eating better look away from your friend’s face, if not sure kana free facial. Reason it’s so juicy is because got big chunks of turnip inside. When deep fried, the turnip also releases its juices to make the meat sweeter. As a saying by Confucius, “The hotter it is, the juicer it gets”.



Steamed seabass in thai lime sauce

this is the highlight. Without this, my meal isnt complete. The moment the dish is set, it is an orgasm feast for the eyes. The bubbling lime sauce, the beautifu colors of greens and red chilli, makes you feel that life is beautiful again. The sourness of the sauce also heighten ur sense of taste to superhuman standards so you can comprehensively taste the freshness and sweetness of the fish meat.


Overall is a eye and stomach feast. Pretty presentation and delicious food that hook you like a junkie. If u crave for thai food and dun wan burn pocket, then this is heaven on earth.



Address: Blk 47 Lor 6 Toa Payoh #01-130 S310047Operating hr: 12pm to 230pm and 530pm to 10pm (close on tues)