Silly Silly Western with taste so good that leaves you Dumbfolded

If you want restaurant standard western but dun wan hurt your wallet, this place is your calling. Located in Chinatown food centre, this western food stall serves one of the most genuine and non-mainstream western dishes.

Simi is non-mainstream? You got see purple Mash Potato before? Got taste Honey Paprika Chicken Chop before? If bo, then like what Scorpion says, “Get over here!”

When you see how the food is presented, I am sure you will say “Take my money” and steam in silence. The presentation is very appetising to gastro and eyes. With the dishes garnished in greens and drenched with thick glistening sauces, this is your modern fairy tale.

Ordered their signature Honey Paprika Chicken Chop, Salmon and Fried Pollock.

Honey Paprika Chicken ($6.9) – Put the meat in your mouth and inhale. You will be overwhelmed with the fragrance of Paprika. Surprising, it is not that spicy but more for the taste. There is a mild stingy sensation to your tongue and the honey is also 96 in this one. When you bite the meat, zap burst out like water pipe burst at Serangoon Road. The zap not only chicken zap but also the honey zap. The honey already eat into the meat until if the chicken sweat also will sweat honey. Very tender, juicy with the skin slight charred with Pan Hei fragrance. This is really a God-like dish.

Grilled Salmon with Citrus Sauce ($9.9) – Slightly seared till the skin is crispy but meat remains moist and juicy. The Citrus Sauce is like a blend of terriyaki sauce plus lemon juice. Not too salty but refreshing to taste like drinking sprite lemon. There is no fishy smell and meat cuts like butter. Can taste the ocean each mouthful.

Pollack Fish n Chips ($6.9) – External is fried evenly to a golden brown. Super crispy on the outside ans tender and moist inside. Machiam like its cooked 2 way. The outside skin fried seperatly and fish steamed. Then wrap the skin on the fish, if you know what I mean. Portion also very generous machiam free like that. Dipped in 3 difference sauces for different life experience.

This place will definitely be on my bucket list. Damn good food at affordable price, where to find?

Silly Western

Chinatown Complex #02-100
335 Smith Street

Operating hours 12pm to 10pm Mon to Sun (Close on Wed)