Shibuya toast better than yakun @ After You Dessert Cafe

​A siao bangcock bro here told me if ever go siam paragon, not only must see the beautiful lamborghini in the mall but also need to try their famous shibuya toast located at “after you” cafe. I say siao eh go thailand is eat papaya salad, u intro me jap food for wat sia. He say mai argue la eat liao will know.

Turn out, its a right choice to listen to him. Cause the shibuya toast here is the champion. In case some noob here duno wat is shibuya toast, it is machiam a peng gao chui chui de roti, the middle is hollow so can stuff fruits, chocolate lava machiam turkey and is often topped with ice cream and drizzled with honey or chocolate. First we talk abt the loti. It is the most crispy loti i eaten. Even more cripsy than the ya kun. And normally u know loti crispy will be abit dry la. But surprisingly, the skin is crispy but inside is machiam like the normal soft bread. And warm some more! Eat in mouth, warm in heart. The inside is hollow and got chocolate lava. Those who like to see video people poke the lava cake till lao chocolate zap machiam hentai will have the chance to do it themselves now.

The ice cream i choose the thai milk tea and peppermint choc. Not too sweet and goes really well with the toast. Warm and cold combi machiam like 冰火. A highly orgasmic experience for your taste bud. Damage is about $10 SGD. Super worth as portion huge. Best is go with ur girlfren la. Cause you can tell her “This is the next best thing I had “after you” ”


After You Dessert Cafe

Address: Siam Paragon (top floor beside cinema)

Operating hrs: 10am to 1030pm