Serious Char Siew to die for @ Selera

​A chao siew meat siao bro here reco me what he describe as “the best char siew rice” in Singapore to me. Nabei is at bedok. If not nice i sure come back wack u lol.

Turn out is not a wrong choice.Cause this is one of the best roast meat and char siew rice i eaten. Much better than the one at bugis+ by 10000x. Its like comparing steven lim with G dragon. The zap here at least dun have the burnt bitter taste. But got the mild sweet and fragrant bean paste taste. The sweet is machiam like mild honey and not syrup sweet kind. Most of the outside roast meat zap is only can taste sweet, cause the sweetness overcome all other flavour. But because the sweetness is mild here, u can taste the bean paste fragrance. Very authentic taste.

The char siew also roasted till high level professionalism. Cause normally is either whole char siew roast till chao ta dry or nt chao ta enough no chao ta fragrance. This, the meat in middle is juicy and tender. Whereas the fatty sides is roasted till chao ta. So when chop and serve, u get to taste the middle portion juicy meat and the upper portion chao ta roasted fats.

The roast meat is kinda more normal. Very crispy and juicy also. Chili also normal. I see the duck also machiam beh pai. Any bro or sis here try liao can tell me also la. Cause pocket bo lui eat duck. Haha. Total damage $4. Still ok la. Portion alot also.


Selera Hainanese Chicken Rice Char Siew & Roast Pork

Address: 208B New Upper Changi Rd S462208