Rojak Papa Mama @ Al Mahboob Rojak

Today weather sibei hot. I tink got 40°C bo? Sweat till my pants all wet and sibei malu cause can see my ass shape. Suddenly got craving for indian rojak cause some bugger tabao on the train.

I tell u, if u wan the best indian rojak u must come here. Once u eat the rojak here, i guarantee plus chop u wont eat others. Abit pricey la, i ordered the prawn cake, chicken cake, prawn cracker, potato, tauhu. Total damage $11.55. Ah neh nice la, see me order so much give me 2 bowl of sauce.

Their ingredient all here freshly made one. The boss say they dun keep overnight. They make certain amount. And if customer order more, they make on spot. Tats y need wait long la. But worth it. The oil they use also change a new one after become abit black. Not like outside sibei zek ark machiam prc use the oil till black still fry. Thats why no smelly oil and the prawn cake and cracker all sibei crispy.

The sauce also the best. Very gao and thick. Peanut machiam 1kg inside. Grind till fine and the sauce taste like skippy peanut butter, ah neh version. The sauce is different from others cause the owner willing to add more ingredients to brew the sauce. Not like outside mostly stingy. Sibei shiok.

Weather hot i sweaty but this sexy indian rojak make me wet. Highly recommended to all bro and sis. U wont regret. The ah neh sell drink quite handsome.

Al Mahboob Rojak

300 Tampines Ave 5, Income @ Tampines Junction #01-02 Singapore 529653

Operating Hours: 12:00-21:00