Retro Kopi Loti @ Sin Hoe Huat Cafe

Today a bro jio me to a traditional kopi loti cafe in Farrer Park area. Wa! Step in immediately got the travel back in time feel. Cause many retro and old fashion accessories like machiam walk into my ah gong bed room. For those who like to reminiscence the feeling can visit. Ambience is quite relaxing also.

My fren ordered their Signature Emperor Bun with butter and kaya set and i ordered their other Signature Garlic Spread Baguette. Each set comes with soft boiled eggs and kopi or tea.


Their signatures really no joke. The Emperor bun has a thin layer of crispy skin on top machiam like the pizza top layer of crispy crust. And the bun itself is very soft and and inside is warm and fluffy. Its machiam like eating thicker version of cotton candy with crispy layer of crust. The kaya is also fragrant with coconut aroma and smooth consistency. Pair with the bun is a heavenly pair.

The garlic spread baguette is lagi bagus also. The moment i bite into it, my table become messy. Cause its really super crispy on the outside. Look at the mess i made on the table u know liao. Though the outside is super crispy, but inside is soft and moist. The garlic spread is own made. It is very different from outside in 2 ways. 1stly, they add thyme. Thyme further amplifies the fragrance level to 9999 but removes the overly strong garlic flavour to reduce the jer lakness. 2ndly, the garlic is in bits and not like ourside grind to atom level. So u can still feel the crunch of the garlic when u eat.



Their egg is also very unique. Cause they use machine to cook and not like ah gong style own dip in hot water. Using this method, the egg white is runny but the egg yolk maintain a thicker consistency. Is machiam the egg yolk become the golden lava 流沙, damn gao and thick. I will suggest u scoop the gudatama up and suck the egg yolk out rather than the usual way of stiring the whole thing in black sauce. This u will truely enjoy and taste the true flavour of the golden lava.


Will come here again. Very comfy feeling. Feel like going back in time to ah gong ah ma period.

Ps. This cafe gt 2 face. In morning is kopi cafe, at night is beer bar. Machiam like my ah ma in morning is ah ma, at night go chiong club.

Sin Hoe Huat Cafe

Address: 383 Jalan Besar S209001

Operating hrs: mon to sun 7am to 12am