Restaurant standard Hawker price Beef Noodle @ J. & J. Special Beef Noodle

​A close friend here told me his friend’s uncle had a beef noodle stall at old airport kallng food centre. Nabei didnt tell me the unit number i do treasure hunt lol. Deh u know how many stalls there or nt. But lucky i ask around and only 1 beef noodle stall there. Wa! Monopoly ar? The uncle sure all makan lor.

This stall is famous as got appear in magazine before. If you read the story posted on the front of the stall you will know it is a hidden tiger crouching dragon. Cause it used to be a restaurant. Beh pai leh! Restaurant standard in humber hawker setting. Price is decent also.

Stall owner very nice and friendly. Explain to me patiently the dishes like ah gong explaining to me his antics. He says all his beef he make sure is the freshest, meaning he dun keep overnight stock. So his items are limited, once sold no more and close shop. He reco me the signature beef noodle at $6.50. Serving sibei generous! I counted got about 12 slices of beef inside. And alot of onions.The beef slices is simply out of this world. It is braised in the lor zap for hours till it absorb all the soya sauce and herbs and spice flavour machiam like a sponge. Eating the meat is a heavenly experience. It reacts with the warmth in your mouth almost immediately . First, the layers of tendons melts off, creating a collagenish texture oozing from the meat. Then without the tendons, the meat breaks apart into small soft pieces effortlessly with the simple twirl of your tongue. And finally, the juice and lor zap trap within the meat is released, overwhelming ur entire taste palate. If there is a known word to describe, it will be shiok!


This is the first time i tasted a braised beef slice  so satisfyingly tender and soft. The noodle is also done nicely. Springly and soft and slight qq. The soup provided is ox tail soup. Slight sourish flavour due to the herbs and spice but leaves no unpleasant after taste. Very appetising.

It is a must try for beef noodles fanatic. Cause this style is not the typical hainanise style. Honestly i also duno wat style. Its really a unique j n j special style.


J. & J. Special Beef Noodles

Address: 51 Old Airport Rd #01-162 Old Airport Food Centre S390051

Operating hr: 1030am to 9pm everyday except Monday