RELAX lah! Go Zen Foot Reflexology

Last night after makan feel abit body ache and beh song. Cause the kopitiam chair damn hard and the prawn noodle also sibei hard. Jalan jalan then saw this massage place. I remember my bro got reco me before but no chance visit cause gf with me. Heh heh today alone so go lor.

Waa walk in machiam like posh and atas sia. The design buay lose to shangarila hotel. The overall ambience is tok gong and soothing. Haven massage want slp liao haha. Actually tbh i go in hor is half heart want see is it those sleazy type. Cause u noe la massage mostly is ma. So no gf then can investigate and find out heh heh.


Turn out it is very clean and legit one. Cause is done professionally. And the guy massaging my leg is very good as he is in this field 23 yrs. Actually all the massuer here above 5 yrs exp de. They diff from other massage because the person will customised their pressing to your preference automatically. They press hard, feel ur leg tiu eh tiu eh will reduce their power so is soothing and relaxing for u. Really feel very light and refreshed machiam u come out from jacuzzi and floating on the cloud. Ur worries all gone!

massage leg

Its those ache ache shiok shiok type of pressing. They will use their joints to rub against your joints to give u that kimochi feeling iku iku.

Will definitely come again. Very friendly and professional staff. No hanky panky ar. If wan then go orchard towers or call Kurt Tay Shemale Outcall Massage. But here is pure, clean power massage.

zen foot relexology

Address: Blk 684 Hougang ave 8 #01-979 S530684

Operating hrs: 10am to 12am