Ramen? Gyoza? How about both @ Osaka Ohsho!

Tell you good news bro and sis. If you wan authentic good ramen and Guoza, no need go Japan. Rather save the money for GROs and Toto. This stall at serves one of the most affordable, authentic and tastiest ramen and goza ever in Singapore.

Why so authentic? Cause this is a crazy gangbang franchise from Japan. Not like ilovetaimei small scale but is machiam 7-11 scale.

The broth is boiled for hours with pork bones till all the collegens are extracted and fused into the soup. Creating a thick and creamy consistency machiam Mei Ren Guo. Slight salty but can taste the meat sweetness, just the soup alone can bring u to the sky. The noodle is also QQ and resistence to bite. Not those super nua noodle but firm and tender at the same time. No floury texture and is smooth like a baby skin.

Chashu is also damn big portion that 2 person can share. Fatty, meaty, juicy. Thats the type of chashu that you bring home for your mum.

If u tink ur life is boring, go for the spicy version. Unlike those mainstream spicy miso taste, this got abit of mala feeling. Ur tongue really go numb from the spiciness!

Although the ramen is good but it is easily overshadowed by the Super Star of this stall. The guoza, is to die for. 3 things why this guoza your best buddy in singapore.

1) Guoza Skin is not thick like Steven Lim. Just the right balance. Not too thick that your teeth have to bite 20x more to get to the fillings and not too thin that it breaks when you hold it with your chopsticks. And it is slight charred and crispy on outside.

2) The juice. Imagine biting a water balloon. Burst, sweet meat juice + chives fragrance shoot out. Instant turn your mouth and everywhere else wet and taste buds explode.

3) Meat filling is soft and tender. Eat liao sure got feeling. Machiam chef hate the meat and hammered close to a hundred times like Ip Man to attain this level of tenderness. Amazing to note is the air pocket in between the meat is filled up with the chives. Giving it a next level of fragrance noob Ding Tai Fung lovers cant get.


Want save airticket to go japan for good bowl of ramen and goza, come here immediately!!

Address: 30 Foch Road S209278
Operating hrs: 10am to 1130pm