Premium Charcoal Kushiyaki at budget @ Char Sticks & Gril

Today got one siao jap food bro here reco me to this kushiyaki stall in geylang. Walao geylang…i everytime go there scared scared one cause many people recognise me leh. But this bro say until the food machiam can fly to the sky, i hear liao also steam and huan lo.

Wa got to say the layout really got those jap grill bar feel leh. Open air concept, high beer table, cold beers, and server grilling the meat with charcoal in front of you at the grill counter. Its machiam like go to japan like that. The owner is very friendly and nice chap. Explain to me the menu and which are their specialties. Beh pai ar, owner also come and entertain the customer.

Ordered their main stars grilled saba with terriyaki sauce, live canadian oysters, baked cheese scallop and grilled pork cheeks along with some other calafares. Their live oysters is one of the freshest I have eaten. Totally no fishy smell at all. And is sibei fat and juicy lor. These little sacs containing sweet, fresh umami which creates an everlasting mouth-watering and coating sensation over your tongue is the very embodiment of the ocean. After eating, even when u drink water, the sweetness is still in your mouth. Very power!




Their sanma is also one of the best and cheapest i eaten! Normally u know la, sanma got fishy machiam ah ma one week no shower smell. But this saba no smell at all! Its hard to believe is sanma and not other kind of fish. The meat is also juicy and slight fatty. I kiap the meat and the zap flow out like waterfall. Very tender and lightly brushed with the terriyaki sauce so as not to empowered the overall taste. What I like about this stall is they focus alot on the natural taste of their ingredient. Since is super fresh. So their seasoning and sauce not too strong. This sanma for example, i can taste the sanma, the charcoal grill fragrance and also the mild sweet terriyaki sauce. I can feel the teamwork of the saba, charcoal and terriyaki sauce encouraging one another and filling one another deficiencies. Unlike outside stall, only the selfish terriyaki sauce took the highlight machiam the old kobe bryant.

The baked cheese scallop is also nicely done. It consist of 3 type of cheeses and it is mixed personally by the owner. So u can be sure quality control is there. Likewise, scallop is sweet and fresh and the cheese didnt overpower the scallop in flavour. First mouth, the saltiness of the 1st top layer of mozaralla cheese hits u, then the sweetness of the fresh scallop dives in, then slowly the creamy taste of the cheddar kicks in and lastly the nachos cheese react with the remaining zap of the scallop in your mouth to kick you in the face. Its rare that eating one scallop got so many experience of the taste machiam eating like 3 things at the same time.

Another highlight is the pork cheek. Bet alot of you haven tried before. I tell u man, forget the pork belly, pork backside. Pork cheek is the thing man. It is so tender, juicy, crunchy machiam close 90% to black pork. Cause owner say pork is from spain. Walao pig sit aeroplane come one. How can not nice? Its grilled till the fats disintegrated and fusion together with the meat. Giving the meat a marble-up effect similar to marble beef. One bite and you will next time tell your grand children the best pork you eaten.

Overall is damn good food at damn good price. One of the cheapest kushiyaki i had. Though need to wait cause its slowly grilled to seal in the flavour, but good food is damn worth the wait. Will definitely come again.

Ps. Lucky no one recognise me cause is located away from the chicken den.











Char Sticks & Gril

Address: No. 2 Geylang Lor 29 s388058

Operating hrs: 4pm to 1130pm (sun to thur) 4pm to 1230am (fri to sat)