Prawn Mee Gravy version @ Swee Guan Hokken Mee

Last night go geylang do some “errands”. Pak tor yao so drive around see ai jiak simi. Saw this hokkien noodle stall queue sibei long. Long queue means nice la in Singapore context. See the uncle fried till like got kung fu like that. And what I like is it is fried over charcoal. Sure the taste sibei gao gao.

Tabao the big portion which is $12 (smallest is $6). Nabei! Sibei ex leh! But then i feel the weight machiam got 5kg so ok la given the portion. Put in car and whole car smell like pork lard and pork broth with prawn head. I tink to myself, tonights gonna be a good night.

Reached home first thing is to unwrap my present. At that instant, the aroma of the pork lard hit me hard like a brick thrown in my face. It is so strong and fragrant that my mum in the living room also can smell. Portion damn big, got 4 big prawns inside! Looks very wet and the zap is sticky kind. First mouth, the charcoal fragrance swoop in. Then followed by the pork lard flavour and the slight sticky texture of the zap which is empowered with long hours boiled pork broth with prawn head. The broth is boiled so long that it has a slight collagenish effect, which explains the sticky consistency of the zap.

Eating this fried hokkien mee is machiam like eating prawn noodles gravy version. Cause the zap is damn gao with the flavour of the prawn head and sweet due to the pork bones. One of the best hokkien mee no doubt. Just dun mix in the chilli. I find the chilli like not compatible with the noodle. Is machiam eating mee siam with hum. Damn wasted. Otherwise, its damn good a try.

Ps. Hard to find hokkien mee fried with charcoal. The slow heat make sure every strand of noodle is infused with the essence of the broth to make it tasty.

Swee Guan Hokken Mee

Address: 5 lor 29 geylang s388060

Operating hrs: 5pm to 11pm everyday