Power Yong Tau Foo @ Xi Xiang Feng

Yesterday one sis brings me to the “soul food” in her area. Turns out is this famous yong tau foo stall in amk food market. If u haven eaten yong tau foo before then is really you the fool. It is one of the most common and readily available dish in Singapore, all kopitiam food court at least have one stall. And have alot of variations also like hakka, teochew, laksa, am pang, ping pong pam etc.

The queue considered short liao but as i queue, more n more people get behind me. Nabei sibei lucky sia. Their ingredients variety more than sakura buffet and pattern more than badminton. Got laksa, dried, soup, chee chong fun. My partner ordered the laksa and i ordered the dried. Not ex as 6 ingredients about $4+.

Had to say the ingredients are really fresh and authentic to taste as the fish paste is hand beaten. Imagine wake up early before the cock shout to beat the paste. This is damn hard work and passion to achieve quality food. The fish paste is QQ and tender. Machiam really can use to play ping pong if made into a ball. Sealed in the paste is fish zap so fresh and sweet that make u feel like eating sashimi.

The laksa zap is sedap to the max. Kinda regret not ordering. Even though the dried also good la but nthing to rave about unlike the laksa. The broth is gao gao infused with coconut fragrance machiam 10 coconuts jacuzzi in the broth together. And it is not jer lak because its not those lousy coconut milk u got from sheng siong. Thus the laksa broth is fragrance and smooth.

Will definitely come again. This is indeed cheap, heartland soul food.


Xi Xiang Feng

Address: 724 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 #01-23 S560724
Operating hrs: mon to fri 730am to 8pm / sat and sun close