Power Thai Noodles @ Thai Fusion Wanton Mee Ang Mo Kio

Thai Fusion AMK - Thai Wanton Noodles
Thai Wanton Noodles

If you want some really power-packed thai noodle wanton mee. Come here you wont regret. This stall is really a hidden gem not many people know. And once know, i guarantee chop you will come everyday.

They have only 5 dishes in their menu. The quail egg, fried chicken wing, thai wanton noodle, fried wanton and wanton soup. But these 5, is enough to ownage u.

Thai wanton noodle

The noodle is egg noodle. So got the egg taste machiam u eat egg toufu. Noodle sibei Q and soft. This is because the noodle is first cooked in hot water, then it is blenched in cold water. Why leh? Cause when noodle cooking, even when you take out, the temperature inside the noodle is still cooking. So if u dun cool with cold water, when the noodle is served, it will become more nua than lam nua. The sauce they mixed in thai fish sauce, hoisin sauce and pork lard. It is then absorbed by the cooling noodle immediately till every strain also flavour gao gao. The marinated pork also sibei juicy and even before biting, the zap auto-cum. Tender to bite and flavourful with umami taste from the fish sauce marinade.


Fried wanton 

The skin is crispy but no oil smell. Got the slight kee smell which adds to flavour. Filling is really filling packed with so much meat machiam mrt peak hr breakdown. The meat filling is juicy and has a faint dried flatfish fragrance. This adds more flavour to the usual boring wanton.

Fried chicken wing

This is the bomb. Lucky beside no KFC. If not KFC sure close down. The soy sauce marinated chicken wing looks like your ordinary chicken wing but i am wrong. It has a fragrant tumeric fragrance machiam those ayam penyant when u eat. Very juicy also until i suspect is it fried or steamed. Skin is also crispy and no oil smell like texas chicken.

Overall i am glad i found this stall. Because the food is really good and price also affordable. Also the coffeeshop design machiam atas cafe also and serve alot beer.

Thai Fusion
Address: 340 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 S560340
Operating hrs: 9am to 9pm. Mon close