PM Lee Zichar??? @ Uncle Lee Eating House

Last night one sis here pm me says got one home-cooked style zi char sibei bagus and homely. Eat liao sure tink of when small my mother cook for me. Haha nabei she duno my mum duno how to cook and only buy me macdonalds.

The stall name sibei funny. Called uncle lee eating house. If LKY still alive, i sure he will come eat here just for the gags. Restaurant looks clean and spotless, which is quite rare nowadays. The table and seats dun have stain at all! That is one good dicipline. Anw order their specialties, the assam fish head, chin chalok sotong, squid ink sotong, salted egg chick cubes and the golden fried toufu.


Assam fish head

First impression is very generous portion! Their small portion can easily feed 4-5 person. The curry is bubbling when it arrives in a hot pot and just looking at it steam liao. Curry in mouth and you will pick up the slight sourish and sweet assam taste instantly. This stimulate the taste buds in your tongue and it will be easier to savour the masala fragrance pulsating from the curry gravy. The gravy is also of a thicker consistency due to the fresh coconut milk added that further amplifies the flavour. Coupled with the fresh and tender fish meat, shiok ar!


Chin chalok sotong

In case some jiak kantang noob here duno wat is chin chalok, it is the best invention since electricity and is known to cure homesickness overseas. Chin chalok and seafood had always been buddies since the 80s. Of course, this dish will never go wrong. The sourness in the chin chalok make the sotong more 开胃 and enjoyable to eat. It really feels like eating a juicer version of sambal bbq sotong but wack chin chalok 100x.


Squid ink sotong

This has got a unique taste. And i am glad to say is a good one. It is fried in oyster sauce gravy, squid ink and bay leaves in gravy style (brother of basil leaves). As u know la the squid ink gt almost no taste de. Reason its added is because of health benefits and also to create the zap. The oyster sauce further enhance the sweetness and freshness of the sotong and the bay leaves fragrance strike a balance so as not to make it one dimensional in taste. U know la outside some stall only can taste sweetness only.


Salted egg chick cubes

This is one of the best salted egg chick cubes i have eaten. Now gt salted egg craze, so must order la. The salted egg sauce gao gao. Is 100% real salted egg used, not use those cheapo powder buy from taobao. Still can feel the powdery texture of the egg yolk and each bite is filled with 蛋黄味 and wont jer lak since is not processed. Chick cubes is fried till crispy n juicy too.


Golden fried toufu

This is superb. The toufu is own made and is so silky and smooth like eating egg white. Put in mouth and melt instantly. The batter is made from 3 diff kinds of flour and when fried, machiam like the polo bun crust. Eating this is machiam like eating minis polo buns stuffed with tao huay.

Have to come again. It really is home cooked dishes but done with high quality ingredients and top skills. No gst also. Really makes me feel home. Next time bring my chou chou here n slp.


Uncle Lee Eating House

Address: 29 Teck Chye Terrace, Singapore 545730

Operating hrs: 11am to 11pm mon to sun