Piao to Fish Paradise @ Piao Ji Fish Porridge

Today Ah Beng reco u one up there fish soup stall at Amoy Food Centre. Eat liao really no regrets can go up there find Ah Bah (father) like Hong Kee claims.

Queue sibei long but ok la. Can see alot “greeneries and flowers” as u wait for ur turn. Like Confucius once says “Sometimes mouth eat, eyes also must eat”. This stall had been a veteran over here and its reputation precedes itself.

The broth is cooked till bi tor gao gao machiam a fusion of prawn soup and fish soup. The layer of red sediment on top of the broth is the physical proof that the broth had been boiled for long hours till the essence of the fish bones and prawn shells are extracted into the soup. It is so sweet and filled with seafood umami. Machiam like having the whole sea aquarium in your mouth. The sweet seafood taste stays in your mouth for hours that when u drink plain water, the plain water also turn into fish soup.

The fish is mackerel and the prawn is tiger prawn. Hugh chunks of fish meat and big prawns makes this a hearty delicious bowl of soup. Rarely have generous portion for fish soup nowadays as most fish soup owner like consumer to see their ikan bilis swimming in the bowl. Meat is tender and sweet. And retains the springy and QQ texture.


Really a nice bowl of soup. Not much MSG taste but really just fresh ingredients and generous serving. But price abit steep. But who cares

Piao Ji Fish Porridge

Address: 7 Maxwell Rd #02-100 S069111

Operating time : 11am to 330pm mon to fri except thur