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Smokin' Joe - Jasper Grill

Today reco u what I feel is the best Chicken Chop in Singapore. So good that I betray my 江湖 brothers at Ah Beng Hougang Western. If u eat this and dun agree with me is the best, then my Banana in Havana(gender realignment surgery*) and change name to Ah Lian Foodie. The Smokin’ Joe Chicken Chop is really power.


Smokin’ Joe Chicken Chop

What makes the Chicken Chop here so bagus (delicious*) that I put my little brother (banana*) at stake? Firstly, it is just so Gan Puah (iku burst*) juicy. When I cut the meat, the Zap(juice*) just keep flowing out and my whole plate becomes a mini swimming pool.

The Smokin’ Joe Chicken Chop skin is also nicely golden-brown charred with slight Chao Darness(black black*) at the sides that injects a smokey char-grilled flavour. Meat is also tender and juicy due to the protease in honey marination acting as a tenderising agent and retaining much of the Pok Keh (chicken*) natural sweet juice. Meat has a sweet taste due to marination of honey and also evoke a slight smokey, peppery fragrance due to use of dried paprika powder.

If you eat chicken Cannot Stand (not satisfied*) and wants more meat can try their Ribeye Steak.


Ribeye Steak

The good thing here is they dun trim the fats of their ribeye. Cause the fats, when you grill, will become part butter and eat into the meat, glossing and flavouring it from within.

Confuscius once said,” All meat is premium meat if you grill it perfectly”. This is sibei gan true(exceptionally true*) because the normal A rank Ribeye here taste machiam like SSS rank Waygu. Meat is so soft that I can cut with my fork and when I bite into it, the juice burst out, sending my body into an uncontrollable spasm of pleasure. At that moment, I feel that I have found love again. It is also served with their homemade brown sauce, which tasted of sweet cameralised onions, sauteed mushrooms and alittle of red wine. It compliments the meat very well as it eliminates any slight gummy taste there is and make it less Jer Lak(jer lak*) to eat.

All the meats are grilled in their Secret Weapon, a big metallic contraption with charcoals burning within. Slow and strong heat is the key to ensuring the meats are grilled evenly and perfectly. Watever meat that lies in there is doing society a great honor through their metamorphasis into great meats served on our plates. Any chicken or cow would sign up for this and any meat lover will dine at this place.

**ATTENTION: Once ordered their grilled meat dishes. Better eat immediately for the optimum flavour. Dun go talk cock or play Pokemon Go. May need wait if high traffic.

*Try their Grilled Salmon as well. Beh pai also, and got fried fish skin*



Smokin’ Joe
Address: 51 Yishun Ave 11 S768867
Operating hrs: 1pm to 10pm

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