One Man Army Hidden Gem @ Ji Xiang Seafood Zichar

Ji Xiang Seafood Zichar - Claypot Fish Head

Today intro you one hidden master Zi Char stall. This stall is so well hidden that passing by, you would have thought it is a closed down coffee shop. But like an old saying, “God always reward those who perservere”. And today, I have found a hidden gem rivaling that of the discovery that LKY is still alive.


The stall is helmed by a One-Man-Army Uncle. He cooks all the dishes by himself alone. The assistants mainly just help him with mundane stuff like cutting veges, cleaning seafood and wiping off the sweat on his forehead as he cooks. You see the way he toss the wok to start the ritual of infusing wok-heiness to the individual dish, you will be amazed. The more he toss, the more passionate he is, the bigger the fire burns like olympic torch.

Ordered some of his signatures like Char Siew, Claypot Fishhead, Pulled Duck Noodles, Homemade Toufu.

Char Siew

He roast this himself from scratch. Meat is tender, still retain juice, fats melted off that fuse with the meat to form a layer of collagen right beneath the charred surface. As you sink your teeth to it, it will first break through the charred roasted surface crust, giving off a chao ta roast taste. Then followed by sweet caramel char siew sauce + 5 spice fragrance. As ur teeth goes deeper, it will reach the chewy collagen layer right beaneath the crust and finally u will feel wetness from the meat juice trapped within the tender meat. This entire process, is enough to make you cum 3 times.

Pulled Duck Noodles

This can be a cny dish. Cause the noodle they drench the Yu Sheng ginger sauce. Very open stomach and refreshing. The noodle very QQ and the sambal is out of this world. Duck is smoked duck. So can eat during xmas also. This dish really a fusion machiam one day Buddha and Jesus sit down together and decided to bring happiness to mankind through this dish.

Claypot Fishhead

This is a forbidden dish. The owner dun really cook this dish much as it used up too much of his chakra and he need to down alot of mana potion to regain his 元气. You try this, and you will know why. The work preparation is too much. First need to deep fry the fish head. And cannot be too cooked, because later put in claypot and cook again, meat will become too tough and dry. And also the zap, he added a combination of fermanted bean paste and hand-grinded black bean. He do it from hand because to get the maximum flavour out of it. Alot of fire control and pcc handpower. This taste of the black bean, bean paste zap is the first time i ever eaten. So fragrant that you will lick the whole claypot clean till he no need wash.

Homemade Toufu

This dish is the bomb. The bak chor, super tender like waygu pork. The toufu, super silky like pantene. The zap, mild and slight salty with the fried salted fish. All this combination, with generous amount of prawn, makes it rub tummy damn worth it thumbs up.


Ji Xiang Seafood

Address: 21 Old Airport Rd #01-111 S390021
Operating hrs: 430pm to 1130pm