Omelette style Cai Tau Kueh Pancake @ Hup Huat

Lor Ah Soo Hawker - Fried Carrot Cake

If your family ever go marketing at 105 Hougang Ave 1. You have to drop by to try the Fried Carrot Pancake here. Wait, got see wrong ma? Pancake? Yes la, not ur eyes pak jiao. Really is pancake.

Outside stall mostly is the normal fried till bits and pieces like jigsaw puzzle. But this stall here is fried whole piece machiam pancake. This way, the egg and kueh flavour is sealed within machiam bak chang.
The kueh also beri soft and so must eat with spoon, because if u kiap with chopstick, will break apart like a young girl’s heart.

Exterior is covered with thick layer of egg to make the pancake style possible. Slightly charred and very crispy like dosai. The amount of cai poh also quite generous and is those slight sweet and mild salty kind. Best is ask them add alot of sambal chili when they fried. This really up the notch of the overall taste by 50% and adds a kick to it.

Its really a decent plate of fried carrot cake to go with your kopi or milo for bfast. Cheap also.


Hup Huat (White) Carrot Cake

Address: 105 Hougang Ave 1

Lor Ah Soo Market