Old School Lor Mee @ Mei Xiang

If you ever pass by Bedok Food Centre, you die die must try this Lor Mee.

If you think Lor Mee all about the same taste, then be prepare to big fall spectacles. Normally Lor Mee got the 5 spice and some even have a slight herbal taste because of the spices and herbs added in making the Lor Zap. But this one, the uncle sibei guai lan. Dun wan follow the norm like the 70% sheep and choose to be opposition. The Lor Zap is make from the prawn soup stock.

Power la I tell you. Imagine eating prawn noodle but Lor Mee version. The Lor Zap contains the pure essence of the Prawn Heads with an umami level ready to explode ur taste buds like Bali volcano. If you stir the Lor Zap till watery, it become prawn soup. If you add flour to prawn soup, it become Lor Zap. The zap is just so formless and adaptable that it taste eaqually good as both.

Consistency is also smooth and dun have the curdy texture like most Lor Mee after left to cool for a while. Main highlight is the Zap. No one can beat. If I die and reincarnate, I will still come here again. Eat, die, repeat. Hail Lor Mee.



Mei Xiang

(Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre)

Address: 207 New Upper Changi Rd #01-57 S460207
Operating hrs: 8am to 11pm