Old school Ah Ma Wanton Mee

Yesterday body ache so go Parklane massage. Walao, now parklane machiam become like mini geylang. So many women dressed in so sexy clothes. Go there I suddenly become so hot so many ladies come talk to me. I see liao body ache gone but somewhere else ache. Cannot la, so go find food instead.

Saw this stall machiam beh pai, cause its stated since 1991. So means must be old school and they famous for wanton mee. Very longing for old school wanton mee since the katong one become cmi. Ordered one plate damage $4 comes with 3 fried wanton and generous serving of char siew.






The way the sauce and chili is mixed can tell is old school liao. Cause they use the traditional kind of black soya sauce which got abit of bitter taste one and not too salty. The chili is also those hae bee hiam sambal type where u will still see bits and pieces of hae bee.

Noodle is well done. Very springy and QQ. Shake with your chopstick and it can jump and bounce like a rabbit. The noodle is egg noodle so it has a faint 蛋黄fragrance. Very little stall use egg noodle nowadays. And even if i left in cold for a while, the noodle never become nua and is still every strand every strand and QQ and springy. Sibei 96 i tell u. The zap also bagus. Got the hae bee hiam fragrance and slight bitter and sweet taste of the black sauce makes it kinda refreshing to eat like machiam morning drink coffee. Thats why its best to eat this as bfast.

The wanton and charsiew also nt bad. Wanton is super crispy outside and soft and tender meat inside. Very moist and juicy also. Not like those outside fried till dried like pu tor guah. The charsiew also nt too sweet and nt oily but still tender and juicy.

Overall beh pai la. If u want a quick fix and a nice plate of old schl ah pek wanton mee can come here. Bring ur ah gong ah ma they sure eat liao lao bak zup and think of old days they pak tor.



Address: 35 Selegie Rd #01-04 S188307

Operating hrs: 8am till 4pm (unconfirmed)