Old Old Taste Lor Mee @ Aljunied Market

Today a bro intro me to a beh pai lor mee at aljunied. So bros, dun always go aljunied area eat chicken rice, got lor mee also

This stall had been aroubd for almost 25 yrs liao. The owner is a veteran and u sure expect his lor zap to me at least 10 level above the others.

Ordered the standard lor mee ($3) and it comes in generous serving of fried fish fillet and lor bak. The noodle is soft and chewy machiam those ramen and dun have those Kee smell. Lor bak is lor till eat inside meat and every bite will release the 5 spice fragrance machiam eat bak chang. The fish is also fresh and alot meat, not like some outside only flour batter. The main highlight will of course be the lor zap. The lor zap is nt blend and nt too salty. It strikes a balance like how Sora Aoi balance her enormous jugs. Every mouthful is so addictive that u can finish the zap without eating the noodles. It has a smooth consistency and slight salty. Machiam u drink those pork leg lor zap, but more thick and less salty. Can really taste the essence of the meat inside the zap.

For those who like authentic taste lor mee like wat ur ancestor have, can come here.



Address: Blk 117, Aljunied Ave 2, #01-64, Aljunied Martket and Food Centre, Singapore 380117

Operating hrs: 6am to 2pm

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