No need to Fly Thailand for Khao Kha Moo @ Fatty Thai

Fatty Thai - Thai Braised Pig Trotter Rice

For those who love Khao Kha Moo aka Thai Pork Trotter Rice, good news for you. I found one that is 99.99% similar in taste to Charoen Saeng Silom in bangcock.

When the guy took out the pork trotter, I mistaken it for a block of glass jelly. The entire trotter is braised for hours till the collagen in the fats beneath the skin is broken down and reabsorbed into the skin which gives it a gelatinous texture.The whole trotter vibrate in wave-like motion through the slightest touch.

While plating the meat, the chef needs no effort at all. This is due to the destruction of the connective fibre holding the meat and skin together through prolong heating and it literally falls off the bone with a slight pull. The trotter is so juicy that it wet the whole board it is placed on for plating.

The skin is soft, gelatinish sticky and has the mild fragrance of star anise. Once it is in your mouth, it disappears in 3 seconds as it melts faster than the hearts of Justin Beaver’s fangirls. Even the meat is tender, but it is not mushy as there is a slight resistence to bite. However it still retains the juice even though alot is lost during plating.

The zap is also thick and slight creamy due to the fats and bone marrow from the trotter disintegrating into the broth. Not too salty and has a slight herbal taste. The chilli to go with it also bagus. It is a vinegar-based chilli with garlic. It adds a punch to the sweet meat and lessen the jerlaky feel.

Very satisfied with the meal. You no come is your loss.



Fatty Thai Wanton Mee
Address: 341 Beach Road S199567
Operating hrs: Mon to Sat 9am to 3pm. Sun close