No Money no Honey Chicken @ Wing Kee Ipoh Hor Fun

​Today need go loyang pray to the tai sui. Cause i step on his toe. Sian sia 7 early 8 early need go changi. Tia gong the cutlet hor fun there beh pai as reco by a sister here.

Early morning got long queue liao. Walao also appear in newspaper one. Ordered the cutlet hor fun for $3.50. Damage quite cheap and portion quite alot. The hor fun is silky smooth man. U use the chopstick kiap will still slide out. Machiam the chef marinade the hor fun with pantene shampoo. Very soft and qq also. Is a superb texture. I tell u, cook until like this need skill. Cause if too cook, the hor fun nua. If too undercook, too hard like rubber. Drenched in the hor fun mushroom zap. Slide down ur throat like water. Mushroom zap got the mushroom fragrance and not too salty. Mild sweet.

The highlight is the chicken. I wonder the chicken marinade in honey how long sia. The honey taste is 100x more than the nene chicken or korean chicken. One bite and the juice squirt out. Due to long marination, the juice even taste like honey. I tink the chicken juice alone can use to make manuka honey liao. Juicy and sweet. But not those jer lak sweet. Nicely fried also so is crispy outside and juicy n tender inside.

Will definitely come again. Can order a place of chicken seperate also. Those who like good tender fried chicken can come.


Wing Kee Ipoh Hor Fun

Address: 2 changi village rd, changi village market and food centre #01-04 S500002