Ngohiong / Prawn Cracker for Breakfast Lunch Dinner

If u ever crave for ngoh hiong and prawn cracker, have to die die come here.

The prawn cracker is one of the best in singapore. Super crispy on outside machiam u accidentally drop will shatter into a million pieces. Every molecule of the cracker is infused with so much prawn essence that u will tink is eating a super crispy prawn shell. Put in mouth, bite a bit to shatter the cracker to small pieces and do nothing. The heat in ur mouth will melt the cracker into prawn stock. You can eat without dipping in sauce to taste natural flavour or u can dip in sauce for a slight sour sweet taste tat is appetising also.

The next best is the ngoh hiong. Generous meat filling mixed with abit of yam bits to bring out the overall fragrance to a next level. Smell liao will hallucinate tat u r eating even though haven eat yet. The meat is just so juicy nt like outside fried till like dry socks. If u scared jerlat, dip in their sauce and u will fly to visit santa claus.

The other ingredients also nt bad. Cause all is freshly made and fried. Somemore oil bo chao you smell. If u craving for some cheap food prawn cracker, just come here. Eat liao heaty can eat their dessert also.

Address: Blk 682 Hougang Ave 4 S530682

Operating hr: 9am to 930pm everyday