Neighborhood Hae Mee (Prawn Noodles)

This morning a bro here reco me a hae mee stall below his block. He says the soup is damn gao till every morning when they cook, his house above can smell. Zhun bo? So went down try.

Wa lao long queue leh. But the ka qui sibei fast and within 6min 20s i got my hae mee. Had the normal kind at damage $3.50. The sambal chili is fragrant and spicy. Can taste the grinded hae bee they add into the chili powder which brings out a seafood sweet taste. Its machiam eating hae bee hiam with noodles. The chili also got a a slight bitter taste from the bacala they mix in to blend. This further brings out the sweetness of the hae bee in the chili as it creates a taste contrast, just like a red rose on a black background.

However the noodle is a bit dry. So u can add some soup in it to resurrect the noodle to its qq springy form. The prawn is also quite generous as they gave about 4 to 5 pieces. Normally u know la, outside $3.50 means 3 and a half piece of prawn. The soup wise is really good. Very gao gao and best thing is not salty. So drink liao dun need make a trip to nkf. The soup when u scoop can see all the impurities. These are the grinded prawn head and bone marrow of the pig bone. So u can know they really use authentic ingredients to boil for long and not use the maggie mee msg packet.

Overall is a nice bowl of hae mee priced at affordable price. Will definitely come again if got craving for hae mee.

Ps. Lucky its call Ming Kee prawn noodle and not Hong Kee prawn noodle. If not eat liao sure pocket empty go heaven.


stall prawn noodles


Ming Ji

Address: 682 Hougang Ave 8
Operating hrs: mon to sun 7am to 2pm