Modern Zi Char @ Yi Shi Kitchen

Today intro you one sibei sibei hor jiak zi char in Bukit Merah. This can be listed in the top 10 zi char in Singapore. Serious one, if not let u all beat.

Will recommend their specialty tofu, pork rib, exploded egg, black pepper salted prawn.

Homemade Tofu with Preserved Tunip ($9)- this is the next greatest invention since Iphone. The toufu is 100% handmade and the bean fragrance is gao gao. Taste abit machiam selegi tau hua but got egg taste inside also. Very silky smooth and no airhole inside. The fried chai por adds a punch n kick in elevating the flavour. Nt too salty, slight sweet and very crispy. It kinda fuse together with the fried garlic also. The taste is really one of its kind. If this is what is cooking in the kitchen, Georgie will have forsake the paper boat in the sewer.


Crispy Crackling Egg ($6) – visually appetising and sticks true to its name. Really a 3D presentation with fried enoki stacked above the exploded egg below. From far, it looks like a frozen image of the atomic explosion in Hiroshima. Inside the egg also got hidden treasure, basil leaves. Tell u, no joke. Egg with basil really a level on its own. The basil also counter the slight oily taste of the fried egg and gives a slight sweet and subtle peppery flavour, with an aromatic aftertaste machiam menthol.


Salted Egg Black Pepper Prawn ($16) – salted egg thick till form a layer above the batter. And each bite got that powdery texture of the egg yolk. Its like u grab a handful of Ervings Salted Egg Yolk Chips and put into ur mouth. Then out of sudden, the sharp, pungent aroma of the black pepper hits you like chicken attack and your tongue have a tingling baba sensation. If u bored of normal salted egg yolk taste, take this fiercer version. The prawns are also big and fresh, no fridge smell.


Numbing Pork Ribs ($14) – this is machiam the whole mala xiang guo packed into the ribs. Eating the ribs unleash the fury of the ma jiao and make you sing 大舌头. The ribs is also very soft and tender. If u want to hold it with 1 single fork, it will break apart. So fragile and tender machiam xmm. Juicy, withma jiao, this is a complex yet delicious dish.


Will reco zi char lovers to come. Really dishes u wont get to eat elsewhere. And though its funky, but its super yummy. (Not like durian sushi).



Yi Shi Kitchen

Address: 28 Jalan Bukit Merah
Operating hrs: Mon to Sat:11am to 230pm, 5pm to 1030pm. Sun: 11am to 1030pm

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