Messy gooey plate of goodness

​Today a bro pm me asking if I want to try out the messiest yummy food in Singapore. Walao. How can messy food be yummy? The messiest in my mind is rojak cause they toss and turn the  ingredient machiam i toss and turn in bed the night before I meet my gf’s parents.

Turn out is hainanese kali ben. This is indeed the messiest food i have seen. With gravy splashed and drenched all over the place like  Picaso painting. But like Picaso painting, this is indeed an art. Messy checked, yummy yes indeed. The curry and lor zap is very sticky and gooey. It is like eating rice with sharks fin soup pour on top. Very smooth and easy to swallow. The curry has a moderate masala flavour coupled with a slight tint of coconut milk fragrace. Very similar to nonya style of curry but nt too much milk taste to make it jer lak. Lor zap is pretty well done as it boost a strong flavour of chinese 5 spice. Best is mix both the curry and lor zap together to create a brown color gravy that is not only yummy but also appetising to look at.

I ordered the chicken chop, braised meat and cabbage. Cabbage is the highlight as it is cooked till super soft like tissue. It literally melts in mouth. It is braised with lard also to make it fragrant and tasty. The chicken chop is thick and crispy but abit dry. Braised meat wise, it absorbed all the flavour of the lor zap and is juicy and tender also.


Actually tbh, the highlight is really the cabbage and the curry and lor zap. The rest are kinda like calafare. Its machiam like “Kali ben” starring “cabbage”, “curry” and “lor zap”. Supporting cast “chicken chop”, “braised meat”.

Price they are very transparent as they show on the board so wont kana tock. Will come again la. Super shiok food and they open till damn late.

Beach Road Scissor-Cut Curry Rice

Address: 229 Jalan Besar S208905

Operating hr: 11am to 330am