Malaysia Bak Kut Teh @ Malaysia Boleh anyone?

Today a bro reco me to try this kopitiam called Malaysia Boleh that sell authentic malaysian food. For bros and sis who too lamnua to go JB, can come here la.

The setting is machiam u walk into Jonker street. But the price not Ringgit la. Dun joker exchange Ringgit at money changer downstairs. Spoilt for choice as every stall is unique and ooze that traditional cultural kind of feel. Was reco to try this bak kut teh stall. Its klang version. Very rare in Singapore cause mostly pepper version. See the way they cook i steam liao. Traditional cooking over charcoal in a claypot method. To ensure the flavours and taste are sealed into the soup n meat without escaping.


The moment it arrive at my tray. My eyes cum. The bubbling broth and the swirling sediment (which is the pure essence from boiling the pork bone for hours till he bone marrow within disintegrate to the broth) is so appetising to look at. The broth itself has a slight peppery and sweet taste which stimulates my salivatory nuclei in my brain stem, leading to uncontrollable salivating in my mouth. Coupled with the overwhelming herbal fragrance, this is a broth that nourishes me in taste and spirit. Drinking the broth makes me shout, ” Malysia Boleh!”


The meat is also nt to play play with. Kiap with chopstick, only bone. Cause the meat fell off. Wa piang, boiled till the meat so soft like cotton candy. And the most amazing thing is, it still retains the moisture and juiciness. The juice is nt only the meat juice, but the herbal juice also trap in the meat.

Really one shiok bowl of bak kut teh. Will definitely come again 👍 👍



Malaysia Boleh Bak Kuh Teh

Address: 1 Jurong West Central 2 #03-28 S648886
Operating hr: 10am to 10pm