Local feel Mookata @ Chok Dee Mookata

Chok Dee Mookata, a Local Taste in Tampines
Chok Dee Mookata

Today found one hidden gem mookata at Tampines. If you have craving for bak ku teh and also BBQ, come here mai tu. Why leh? Cause the broth, taste 99.99% similar to Song Fa bak ku teh.

Is located in kopitiam, so very safe wont have high SES aunty who owned 3 cars hogged your carpark. Price is affordable and their marinated meat alot variety so u wont sian like sticking to same spouse over 20 yrs.

Come here another thing is to wack chilli. They got this thai green chili sibei gan hiam till i develop clairvoyance that tml MC. But shiok la. Add in the garlic for the extra fragrance and fish sauce for umami level. This chili makes anything taste good. Even if used to dip Ding Tai Fung Xiao Long Bao also will taste good.


The one u see in vid is the $28 set for 2 pax. Walao mahiam can feed 4 pax cause is really alot till we 2 cant finish. Boss is a kind-heart man, wan make sure his customer get the most value. He told me, customers satisfaction is also his satisfaction.


All the meat, is sibei fresh and juicy. Boss says he dun like use frozen meat and make sure everyday get fresh from market. This way, the meat wont have Panasonic refrigerator smell and will retain its natural sweetness. Meat also marinated lightly so that when u grill, can taste the grill flavour and meat natural flavour. Not like some outside grill meat but taste like Si Chuan sauce.Their seafood is also fresh and sweet. Especially the prawn and sotong. Sotong i tell u got secret way to eat. U grill the tenstincles till it dried up and will taste like the dried cuttle fish at rojak stall.

But the best is still the broth. As u grill more, the zap flow out more into the broth. And Song Fa will transform into Song Song. So song that every mouthful inhabits the natural flavour of the pork bones, seafood umami juice, marinated pork zap. Really eat liao mouth steam everywhere steam just for $28/1/90mins.


Chok Dee Thai Food Mookata

Address: 445 Tampines St 42 S520445
Operating hr: 3pm to 1am